GTA V 1.05 Patch Out Now

Published on November 14, 2013

Rockstar has released another patch for the new Grand Theft Auto V game. This is patch 1.05, and it is looking to rectify most of the issues that online gamers are experiencing. This patch should ensure that players do not lose progress if there is an issue with cloud storage, that their cash balances are protected, and that they do not lose any of their properties or vehicles during network problems.

Beach Bum


If players are still experiencing problems with the game, they are advised to contact Rockstar through their Twitter account, or at Rockstar is doing everything they can to minimize problems for players, and pretty soon all the glitches should have been resolved.

Stimulus Packages:

Considering the amount of data and properties that players have lost due to network problems, Rockstar has come up with a reward system. They will be giving out $500,000 to every loyal player. This is available to anyone who was playing online in the month of October, without having any cheating issues.

This package is Rockstar’s way of apologizing to players, and ensuring that everyone can recover with the $500,000 they are given. Chances are that most players will not have incurred losses even close to $500,000, which makes the stimulus package a welcome bonus for players.

Beach Bum Update:

Beach Bum

After all of the glitches have been resolved, Rockstar will be working on a Beach Bum upgrade to the game. This will add more beach themes, cars, weapons, jobs, and customizations for your character. The release was due for Oct 1, but other issues with the game caused a delay. Expect the update within a few weeks.

Content Creator:

There will soon be a GTA V Online content creation tool, which will allow you to create and play custom race jobs and death matches. This should spice up online play for a lot of players.

No matter what issues you have been having with GTA V, there is no doubt that Rockstar games is doing what they can to allow players to have a smooth online gaming experience. The stimulus package, coupled with new updates and patches, should ensure that GTA V online is even more enjoyable.

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