New information about Grand Theft Auto V

Published on July 16, 2013

While everyone is excited about the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V, we are also impatiently awaiting more news on features of the game.

While we know about the basics of the game, in addition to a few details, many of the new missions and features are a mystery.

That is why this latest bout of information, courtesy of a Japanese gaming magazine, is a refreshing change. Here are some of the details that were laid out in the magazine:

Surprise entrance

  • It is possible to purchase various pet accessories, such as dog collars and other items.
  • Grand Theft Auto V will include 15 different animals. Wild animals can be hunted, while others can be kept as pets.
  • GTA V is set for release in Japan on the 10th of October, while the game will bet a worldwide release on a similar date.
  • Graphics have been improved ten fold for this game, which is a huge boost to fans.
  • There are missions in GTA V that will require complete underwater submergence.
  • In one scene, Trevor and Michael will ride on a jet-ski together.

While this information is random and limited, it is good to get more details about the upcoming game release. Hopefully GTA V will be the excellent game that fans are hoping for.

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