The Official GTA V Game Guide

Is the Official GTA V Game Guide Worth Buying? Official GTA V Strategy Guide slated for release in September, 2013.

Pre-Order the GTAV Strategy Guide and Receive an Exclusive Lithograph
Even though the Internet provides nearly every resource a gamer needs to enjoy the upcoming and much-anticipated “Grand Theft Auto V” game. BradyGames, the same company that released previous strategy guides for the series, will be releasing two versions for this game. The paperback version is the “Signature series” version, while the “Limited Edition” is available in hardcover.

The guide is not a make-or-break purchase. You won’t be stuck on a mission for days if you don’t have the guide since the Internet allows you to connect to thousands of other gamers who can offer assistance. Message boards and social networking also make it simple to get cheat codes and help at every stage of the game.

 The Official GTA V Game Guide

The guide is nice to have if you’re a planner and want to have a guide to assist you the moment you get stuck. You’ll know what to do from the minute you start the game. You might also want to purchase it if you’re a collector and want to add the latest edition to your ever-growing collection of strategy guides.

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