GTA V Review from CVG

The latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar has hit the shelves and is already driving sales and controversy. Review embargoes have passed and impressions are all over the net and print. In general, the game seems to be a major critical success for the studio. It recently received a 10/10 review from gaming publication, CVG. Here’s a quick overview of the site’s review.

The City

CVG’s review opens with a series of descriptions that paint a compelling picture of Grand Theft Auto 5′s game world. Rockstar has always been renowned for its ability to create engaging and immersive worlds and this iteration of the GTA series seems to be no different. The review states that there are an impressive number of landmarks to visit and hidden pockets of the map just waiting to be explored.

GTA V Review

What’s more, these areas are rendered with an improved level of detail and artistic mastery that is likely to draw gamers in and keep them coming back for months. As the CVG review states, the environments and locales of GTA V feel like they are living and breathing, they pull you in, and give the impression that they are fully alive.

Story and Cultural Commentary

GTA V Review

Since Grand Theft Auto III, the series has been known for blending compelling narratives with elements of satire and sociopolitical commentary that poke fun at the state of American popular culture. The CVG review states that this entry in the series is no different, and that it retains a similar tone to previous games in the series despite featuring three playable protagonists instead of the usual one.

The CVG says that this game shows the darker sides of success. Rather than simply chronicling the rise of one criminal to the top of the heap, Grand Theft Auto V takes the time to show that there are downsides to the criminal lifestyle and that even those who are successful are left with issues and reservations that may be impossible to deal with.

A Game with Character

The review proceeds to discuss the ways in which having three playable characters effects the gameplay and the impact that this has on the game’s mission structure. CVG’s critical analysis of the game details the different mission types and the ability to switch between different characters on the fly in many situations.

The reviewer heaps considerable praise on the game’s high octane heist missions, which function as the showcase missions and drive the game’s plot forward. The review wraps up by detailing the ways in which the game’s combat and driving have been improved. The 10/10 score indicates that fans of the series should find a lot to love.

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