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After the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, many thought that it would be nearly impossible for Rockstar Games to move beyond the sheer scope of their previous titles, but the perfect 5/5 given by GamesRadar is now changing that belief. The newest title in this franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, is set in the gritty fictional county of San Andreas and players will quickly notice some huge changes to the traditional GTA style. Here is a closer look at what fans can expect in this highly-anticipated release.

Unique Character Perspective

GTA V Review

Every Grand Theft Auto title previous to GTA: V has been based on a single protagonist that moves through the seedy underbelly of a fictional area based off of a famous world city or a completely non-fictional city. Sometimes the player is forced to choose between choices that will define the player as good and evil while other titles have nearly written the story from start to finish beforehand with the player just along for the ride.

The Three Names of GTA: V

GTA V Review

With this most recent release, Rockstar Games has managed to reimagine the storytelling platform that has existed within the series for over 15 years with three unique characters that seem to have been written as a study into the human psyche. Trevor, Michael, and Franklin each have their own inner demons and players are given the ability to seamlessly move between the protagonists.

While the side missions do allow complete autonomy, the primary storyline of the game will require players to utilize each of the main characters at various points.

A Player Driven Economy

Economies that are affected by the players themselves are no new concept to video games, but GTA: V has managed to add a number of features that make it more intuitive and useful than ever. Players are once again given the ability to buy a number of homes and other property types, but their actions will have a huge impact on how everything in the game from buildings to weaponry costs. As time goes on, players will get a feel for how their actions affect the economy and what they can do to maximize their time.

Blending Mechanics and Storyline for a Perfect Score

What truly has set this title apart from all previous iterations and the competition is the seamless blend of exciting new mechanics and a player-driven storyline. There are countless variables and moving parts within the game, but Rockstar Games has done an unparalleled job of helping to guide players through the exciting plot without forcing them in any particular direction.

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