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Thee storytelling tools and devices of the Grand Theft Auto have varied only slightly since the creation of this world-renowned franchise. Players lead their protagonist through a violent world in which they struggle with evil, and while many of these same exciting features remain the same, Grand Theft Auto V has added a whole a new twist to this series.

This is why GiantBomb has given this highly-anticipated new title a 5/5, and here is a closer look at GTA: V and how the team at Rockstar Games has managed to keep this series going strong for over 15 years.

The Grand Theft Auto Formula

GTA 5 screenshot

Throughout each of the titles, Grand Theft Auto has stuck to a very similar formula for their games. Players are given control of a protagonist that has the freedom to move throughout a massive world, completely or loosely based on world cities such as London and Miami.

They will then work through a gritty storyline that often involves crimes ranging from bank robberies to drug running. With Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has kept the fast-paced action, but players will now move through the storyline with three protagonists that are integral to the ongoing plot.

The Power of Three


The true accomplishment for the team of developers at Rockstar Games was to create a unique and powerful plot for each of the characters. In order to continue on with the primary missions, players must rotate between the characters to get a glimpse at the world from every angle.

When switching between each of the characters, players will also get a peek into their private lives, generally finding them engaging in everyday activities such as waking up at home or stumbling around after a night out.

“Big Scores”

One of the top additions to this title is the few pivotal moments in which the game deviates from the standard mayhem of previous GTAs. At some of the biggest points in the plotline, players are required to plan and carry out large heists that require much more than simply finding weapons and vehicles.

Players will often need to find a number of unique items ranging from explosives to masks and then build a team from the ground up. If team members are lost during mission, the player does not receive those points or that character’s portion of the money.

A Final Look at GTA V

In the end, GiantBomb’s 5/5 score is well deserved for this popular title. The team at Rockstar Games has managed to bring back the thematic elements and unique mechanics that have made this series great while still offering a number of new storytelling features.

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