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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the most recent installment in the acclaimed Rockstar gaming franchise. With the release date set for September 17th, major game reviewers have already decided the fate of GTA V. From the initial reviews, there seems to be a unanimous opinion on the subject: extraordinary gameplay. The guardian and many other newsworthy websites gave a rating of 5/5 to the game, and in this article I will make it clear why the game is so spectacular.

Three Main Characters

GTA V Review

The first aspect of GTA V that really sets it apart from other games is the fact that the player has the option to switch between three main characters at any time they please. The first main character, Michael, is described as a middle-aged man who was in the witness protection program after being caught for a heist. The second main character, Trevor, is a meth cook who is known for his sociopathic tendencies.

Finally, Franklin is a young black kid from a gang-infested neighborhood just trying to make enough money to escape from it all. With the three characters joining forces, they are looking to pull off some high-paying jobs.

An Expansive and Dynamic World


The Grand Theft Auto V world is the most expansive virtual landscape ever encountered in the series. Most gamers that are familiar with the gameplay of GTA understand that the backbone of the game hinges on a number of narrative missions that the gamer must complete to progress through the game.

With GTA V, there is a colossal aspect of the game that depends on the ever-changing encounters that are random throughout the world, including money-making jobs and a number of side-quests. Some new ventures to the series include working the stock exchange, managing clubs and purchasing real estate.

A Satirical Perspective On Western Society

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always made a mockery of western society and its many faults, but GTA V has made sure to add some of the most recent shortcomings of pop culture. GTA V attacks magazines, reality TV, social media, pop psychology books, plastic surgery and much more. The most popular medium for this satire will continue to be the in-game radio, which offers hysterical commercials and talk-show dialogue.

The game also takes a look into the privacy-invading internet companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. At other times, gamers get a sense of the corruption taking part in government agencies such as the CIA and FBI.

Moreover, GTA V illuminates the power of money in shaping the ethics of businesses, organizations and the individual. In the end, Grand Theft Auto V may be one of the most powerful social critiques ever experienced within a virtual reality.

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