Rockstar cuts GTA Online mission payouts

Published on October 25, 2013

While “GTA Online” had a few bugs when it was first released earlier this October, Rockstar has ironed out all of the kinks to make an extremely amazing multi-player experience. Every player has noticed that it is somewhat hard to accumulate money in GTA Online, so many of them have resorted to exploiting several loopholes in the game to quickly build up their bank account.


The easiest way for players to make money fast in “GTA Online” is by repeating missions over and over. There are a few select missions in the game that offer a large payday in a very short mission. Players used to be able to play this mission as many times in a row as they wanted, which many people exploited to earn lots of cash. Rockstar figured out what millions of players were doing, so they put an end to this quick cash grab.

Rockstart has cut the payout for any repeated mission in “GTA Online” in half. If you were able to earn a quick $4,000 in a mission, you will now only get $2,000 every other time you complete the mission during your time playing “GTA Online.” While there are still going to be some missions that are worth repeating, this change will still force you to complete the mission more often to get a big payday.

If you are struggling to earn money in “GTA Online,” then your relief should be coming soon. Rockstar is giving all players that played the game in the first few weeks a $500,000 stimulus package for dealing with the glitch issues when it was first released.

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