Rockstar Working on the Next Version of a Famous IP

Published on October 25, 2013

Those in the gaming world who pulled themselves away from Grand Theft Auto V long enough to catch up on gaming news found powerhouse developer Rockstar Games is currently creating a “next version of a famous IP.”

This semi-announcement has pushed the gaming community into a friendly debate about which franchise is currently under development. While the back and forth has been light, the following games look to be the favorite speculative sequels.

Rockstar North

Bully 2

With so much anti-bullying legislation being put in place around the country and constant news reports of bullies going too far, a sequel to Bully would be timely and have ample opportunity for contemporary societal commentary.

Red Dead Redemption Prequel

Although a sequel to Red Dead Redemption would undoubtedly be a spectacular game, gamers seem to prefer the idea of a prequel. They want to know how John came to be and have a fleshed-out story surrounding his former gang.

Manhunt 3

A psychological horror game for PS4 or Xbox One by way of a Manhunt 3 would be a welcome announcement. However, the chance that Rockstar is making a Manhunt sequel are slim since it never reached the acclaim of other games in the company’s lineup.

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