Special Edition of GTA V

Published on June 18, 2013

Speaking of GTA V, There’s nothing too common. On the released date, September 17, Rockstar Games will release this awesome game with the special choice for the real fan like you.

There will be the collectible steelbook with exclusive artwork of Michael, Trevor and Franklin that you have never seen before in the 2 sides. Plus, custom color and metalic treatments bring out the detail of the artwork on the steelbook.

The steelbook also come along with the Blueprint map showing the view of Los Santos and Blaine County. It would be so useful because there will be cryptic markings indicate locations for fast cast and other points.

GTA V Special Edition

That doesn’t sound interesting enough, right? This special edition will have the additional content that makes you say Wow. These are what you will get :

1. Stunt plane trials: You can have more aerial challenges with stunt plane trials.

2. Special ability boost: As Michael, Trevor and Franklin have different ability, with this boost, the special ability bar will generate faster 25%

3. Bonus outfit, tattoos and more: You can get bonus outfit to Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s wardrobes, character specific tattoos, special deal from shopkeepers in Los Santos and Blaine County.

4. Additional weapon: When you look for the weapon at Ammunation stores in single player, you can have the special weapons for free, such as The Pistol .50, Bullpup, Shortgun and melee Hammer.

This Special Edition costs 79.99$. Make it belong to you before others by Pre-Order here!

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