An Interview With Steven Ogg, The Voice Of “GTA V’s” Trevor

Published on October 2, 2013

Since its release on September 17, “Grand Theft Auto V” has become one of the most successful entertainment lauches of all time, and it has racked up over $1 billion in sales for Rockstar Games.

Q&A GTA V Actors talk

Gamers and critics are heaping almost universal praise on the game, and the character of Trevor Phillips is usually close to the top of the list of things that make this open world adventure special. Trevor is the embodiment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and his psychotic personality and murderous mayhem has captivated gamers around the globe. Steven Ogg, the actor who voices Trevor, recently answered some questions about playing this memorable character.

On getting the role and playing Trevor

Steven attended a straightforward audition before landing the role of Trevor. He met with actor Ned Luke, who voices the character of Michael in the game, during the process and the two hit it off. Rockstar noticed this, and the chemistry between the two actors is a big part of the game’s appeal. Ogg’s likeness was also used for Trevor, and most of his performance was recorded during motion capture.

On the personality of Trevor

Q&A GTA V Actors talk

Ogg is nothing like the madman he portrays in the game, and the success of Trevor is a testament to his acting skills. He described how much fun it was to play an outrageous individual who never considers the consequences of his actions. Ogg took inspiration from Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Charles Bronson in “Bronson” when he prepared for the role, and he also listened to music to center himself before recording sessions.

On video game violence

Steven accepts that games such as “Grand Theft Auto V” are extremely violent, but he sees this as mostly harmless escapism. He compares shooting people in a video game to playing soldiers as a child. He also sees how people who have to tolerate perceived injustices in their daily lives would enjoy playing a character that reacts violently to such treatment.

On Trevor’s violent behavior

Ogg was thrown in at the deep end with Trevor. His first scene was one of the game’s most graphic, and this experience set the tone for his portrayal. Steven talked about how actors relish playing roles like this, and he spoke about how the character evolved as the game progressed. The script gave Ogg a certain degree of freedom, and he used this to add nuance and depth to his performance.

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