The Free GTA V iFruit and Game Manual Companion Apps

Published on September 18, 2013

The highly anticipated video game “Grand Theft Auto V” has recently been released and Rockstar Games have released two new apps that will further your experience while playing the game. The “GTA V” iFruit and Game Manual apps are currently available for free in the app store for all iPhones, and they will be available in a few days on all smartphones using the Android operating system.

Grand Theft Auto iFruit

The Free GTA V iFruit and Game Manual Companion Apps

The “GTA V” iFruit app comes with two completely different options, Los Santos Customs and Chop the Dog. The Los Santos Customs section of the iFruit app allows any player to completely customize a car to use in the game. Once you have completed customized every aspect of the car, it will be waiting for you in your garage the next time you start up “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Franklin, one of the three main characters in “Grand Theft Auto V,” always has his dog Chop by his side, and the iFruit app will allow you to virtually take care of Chop from any location. You will be able to pet, walk, feed and play with Chop directly on your smartphone. Taking good care of Chop will give every player some kind of reward while playing as Franklin in “Grand Theft Auto V” that has not been detailed by Rockstar Games.

Game Manual App

The Free GTA V iFruit and Game Manual Companion Apps

All of the games in the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise have been known for having extensive manuals included with the game, but Rockstar is taking a new ap

The app will also feature a map of the entire city that will allow you to find your next location. There is no need to worry about missing out on something special if you do not have a smartphone because the game manual app will also be available to download on any PC.

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