Ubisoft CEO talks about GTA effect

Published on October 19, 2013

The Grand Theft Auto Effect

The “Grand Theft Auto” Effect

Gamers met the announcement of Watch Dog’s delay with despair, and theorized that it was pushed back so as to not compete with Grand Theft Auto V. However, Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, says that major releases such as Grand Theft Auto V are beneficial instead of harmful to new titles. Though a title may compete, he says, the gamers who enjoy that type of game want more, and are willing to purchase new titles like that.


He calls this the “Grand Theft Auto V” effect – that when a huge, groundbreaking and popular game is released, the audience to whom it appeals the most will continue to come back for even more games like it because they enjoyed the initial title so much.

The Reason for Watch Dog’s Delay

Watch Dogs was not delayed because of Grand Theft Auto V, unless it was due to inspiration. Ubisoft has stated on numerous occasions that the delay was because they want to polish the game and ensure that it is problem free and error free on release.

Ubisoft wants to provide a game whose experience will be just as memorable as Grand Theft Auto V, and so they are taking the time to fine tune every single detail of the game in order to make that happen. This can be seen as yet another side effect of the “Grand Theft Auto” effect – a drive to push for better quality than is currently present.


While no one can deny that Grand Theft Auto V was a monster of a release, the title is not the end all be all of gaming. Other games will follow, some very soon, that are on par with the game. There are some exceptional games lined up for the near future that all gamers should be excited about.

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