GTA V Has Its Ups and Its Downs

Published on November 1, 2013

What’s So Great About GTA V?

The Virtual Landscape

The Virtual Landscape

The Grand Theft Auto V world is one of the largest virtual landscapes ever developed in the realm of gaming. For gamers that remember the days of GTA: San Andreas, the landscape is very similar, although Las Venturas and San Fierro have been left out of this installment. Regardless, Los Santos is by far much larger than the previous Los Santos, and the rural areas seem to go on forever. At one point you’ll be atop Mt. Chilliad, and the next point you’ll be in the drug slums of Grove Street.

Customizing and Driving Vehicles

GTA online

One thing lacking from GTA IV was the pristine driving experience we’ve all come to know and love in the GTA franchise. Thankfully, one of the major points of GTA V is the enhanced gameplay mechanics. Now driving feels more real than it ever has. Heavier cars stick to the ground, whereas lighter supercars make it seem like you’re about to take off at high speeds. Moreover, customization is extremely fun.

Graphically Stunning and Extraordinary Gameplay Dynamics

Extraordinary Gameplay Dynamics

The gameplay dynamics of GTA V are so real that it is almost frightening at times. As you’re walking through the map, you’ll see police engage in shootouts, pedestrians get robbed and a number of side missions that open up when you’re in the right place at the right time. Additionally, there are a number of mini games that include cycling, tennis, darts, skydiving and many more.

GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

Probably the greatest aspect of GTA V is the multiplayer online feature. Online you are able to customize beyond your wildest imaginations, and the opportunities are almost limitless. Much like other notable RPG games, you are allowed to pick a limited number of skills that your character specializes in, including flying, driving, etc. Once you’ve finished designing your character, you are able to experience the plethora of options that GTA Online affords.

What’s Not So Great About GTA V?

How Crimes Are Classified

GTA 5 Crime

Some of the new crimes in GTA V seem a little over the top. One annoying activity that gains you stars is invading the “personal space” of an NPC. I’m not sure why that is considered a crime, but it can lead to unwanted police chases and/or getting busted. Another poor choice of classification is during online gameplay. Although it is permissible to shoot and kill other players at any point, blowing up their vehicle with a jet fighter gets you thrown into the “bad sport” lobbies. I guess murder comes in degrees.

Hiding From The Cops Takes Way Too Long


One of the ways to reduce the number of stars on your wanted level is by hiding from the cops. It is certainly easier than trying to constantly run until you find another way to reduce your wanted level, but the time it takes to reduce your wanted level while hiding is far too long. Even if you have a one-star wanted level, it can seem like you’re waiting for ages to be safe again. It’s not the worst shortcoming in the world, but it can be a nuisance when you’re trying to get in some real gameplay.

The Length of The Main Story

The Length of The Main Story

One of the most disappointing aspect of GTA V was the duration of the main story. Every other GTA installment seems to have taken hours upon hours to complete, but many people are finding the new story mode fairly easy to beat in a few days. Although the time it takes may be dependent on the experience of the gamer, hardcore gamers like me are itching for additional gameplay.

The Commencement of GTA Online

The Commencement of GTA Online

Anyone who bought the game when it first came out knows that the initial month or so of online was torturous. People were having trouble joining lobbies for weeks, and much of the gaming community were irate with Rockstar’s handling of the issue. With some gamer’s already having a month of experience, whereas others were just starting out, there is now a huge imbalance of experience levels in the online world. Click here to read our post about the latest GTA Online update (1st November).

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