Visit Los Santos & Blaine County

Published on August 13, 2013

The Grand Theft Auto V launch is just around the corner, so in that spirit, let us explore the sights and activities that you’ll be able to take advantage during your stay in Los Santos and throughout Blaine County.

Visit Los Santos & Blaine County

The Campaign

You’ve chosen Los Santos as a destination at a very exciting time. The area is ripe with opportunity for those who embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, and this is even playing out on a political stage, as the city is knee-deep in a gubernatorial race with big implications.

Sleek and Sexy Automobiles

The Fast Life

The Fast Life

Whether you want to cruise, race or drive off-road, you’ll have hundreds of cars and trucks available for the taking. You won’t even have to negotiate with a loudmouthed car salesman; just make a choice, and then hit the road for some high-speed fun. If you have the time, stop by LS Customs, where they’ll provide you an endless array of vehicular customization options.

A Real-Word Economy

GTA V commerce doesn’t end with just a handful of clothing shops, however. You’ll find a real economy here in Los Santos, and if you have the scratch, you can use it to invest in the stock market or even the local real estate market. It’s not for the feeble-hearted, but fortune favors the bold.

Go Shopping in Style

Relaxing in the park.

Relaxing in the park

Once you have your ride tricked out, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe and purchase any accessories that you may need during your stay. Whether you want to jaunt in highfalutin style or look like a man of the streets, Los Santos delivers all the storefront options you need.

Affordable Healthcare

The rest of the world may be wondering where to get healthcare and how to pay off their medical bills, but Los Santos has you covered. You’ll discover certified medical centers throughout the city, and whether you’re fixing a scratch or a gut shot, the local taxpayers are picking up the bill. How nice of them!

A Friendly City

That kind of care for one’s fellow brother isn’t just limited to the local healthcare system. In fact, you might say that it’s way of life in Los Santos and the surrounding regions. This is a community that embraces social interaction, and you’ll find a wide array of activities to participate in, including pharmaceutical commerce and territorial clashes.

The Great Outdoors

Let's fly

Let’s fly

If you tire of the sprawl, which is bound to happen on occasion, this city can hook you up with the great outdoors. Bring a rifle and enjoy any of a number of hunting and sporting challenges throughout Blaine County. If you don’t want to venture that far from the crib, then consider the beaches, watersports and beautiful babes available all along the city’s wonderful coast.

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