GTA V Cheater’s Pool Details

Published on November 8, 2013

Rockstar has created a wonderful gaming world in Grand Theft Auto V. Not only is this a game that is enjoyable to play in story/single player mode, but it boasts a fantastic multi player/online world. However, one of the biggest issues associated with a multi player game is the cheating that some players refuse to stop.

In the past, Rockstar would ban players if they used glitches or cheats in a certain manner. This was frustrating to players, some of whom were using the cheats to overcome glitches in the game. However, Rockstar has changed this policy, and has now created a “cheater’s pool”.

Cheater’s Pool vs. Banning

The purpose of this cheater’s pool is to place all players who have been labelled cheats into a separate online group. This will allow these players to play against each other for certain missions, but they will not be able to compete with players who are in the regular pool of gamers. There may still be some level of cheating that gets a player banned, but in almost all other cases you will be placed into the cheater’s pool.

Further Explanation of Cheater’s Pool:

There is a YouTube video that was released recently, and it explains the new cheater’s pool in great detail. The video mentions that once you are in the cheater’s pool, you can keep playing the game as you normally would. The only drawback is that you cannot join regular gaming sessions.


You will also get the classification of a “bad loser”, and all of your money will be taken away from you. However, the rank you have achieved will be untouched, and the same goes for any weapons, vehicles, houses, apartments or other items you have procured during the online story mode.

Waiting Period:

The video also confirms that there is a four month waiting period before you are removed from the cheater’s pool. This means that from the day you are caught and placed in the pool, you must abstain from any cheats for four months if you want back into the regular sessions.

It is unclear whether this move will help to rectify the issue, but it is clear that Rockstar are taking steps to separate cheaters from regular players.

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